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Liam Bennett
Lifeguard, Lifeguard Instructor, CPO

Working for SPMC has provided me with countless opportunities for both professional and personal growth. Lifeguarding taught me valuable lifesaving skills as well as important lessons in responsibility and service. Lifeguarding for SPMC is a job that is fun, rewarding, and motivating. When you have to jump in and save a life, you leave work with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. SPMC is a great employer that understands the importance of respect, accountability, and service towards their customers and employees.

Dusan Baros
Ayusa International

I am glad I had a chance to work for Sears Pool Management as a lifeguard on J-1 visa back in 2006. SPMC is one of the top companies that J-1 students can choose for their Summer Work Travel program having in mind that Craig Sears and his team take a great care of their employees, provide very good Lifeguard Training Course, work environment is fun and exciting, all swimming pools are in very nice area of the city and students can always enjoy their free time in beautiful city of Atlanta. For those who would like to travel and visit some nice beaches in grace period, there are affordable and short flights to Miami or possibility for road trip to Gulf of Mexico (in Florida) or beautiful Savannah (Georgia). For shopping lovers, Premium Outlet Mall is just outside of Atlanta and there are great deals offered by world`s famous designer stores.

Philip N. Douglas
Lifeguard from 2010-2016

Though my review might be a little biased, working for SPMC for the past 6 seasons was the best summer job that any young college medical professional could have ever had. Growing up, I thought working as a lifeguard would be the coolest job ever and thus aspired to become one of these "Guardians of the Pool". 6 years later, I can still say that guard life is pretty great; especially with Sears. The most important skill I learned, used daily while on duty & can take with me as I move up the job ladder is customer service. I don’t care what business you are involved in; quality customer service is the #1 bread and butter trait that can push a company into the top 10% or -10%. When you choose SPMC, you are getting qualified professionals that genuinely care about the communities and residents they are serving. From the lifeguards, pool managers, office staff to Mr. Craig Sears himself, they will all work tirelessly to make sure your pool and its residents are properly served throughout the summer season and beyond. So if you’re a teenager hungry for a sweet summertime job or an HOA board member looking for a well-known/professional/respectable company to take care of the community pool this summer, ditch the rest and choose the best! Your pool and its residents will thank you.

Meri Jane Sayre
Life Guard at East Hampton

Life guarding is not only a great way for young people to earn money but it can teach them several life skills. Life guarding teaches you how to handle different situations, whether they be social interactions with the adults and kids or emergency situations where you are relied upon to be the leader and do you best. Life guarding isn't just saving a patron's life or evening just putting a band-aid on them when they trip, it's having the watchful eyes to prevent injury. It's the maturity to sometimes have to say to your peers that no, they cannot go down the slide 3 at a time, it is also the courage to even have to talk to the adults and say that no, they cannot smoke inside the gate or no they cannot have glass on the pool deck. Life guarding can also form bonds between you and the patrons, who knows, maybe you will meet an adult who sees your work ethic and asks you to be head swim coach or reports to sears that you're doing an amazing job..

Zach Flash
Lifeguard, WSI, Quality Control Manager

SPMC is the best company to work for! SPMC has great employees, awesome pay, and the most effective training. For lifeguards, the scheduling is easy, and catered to your schedule. For customers, the staff is the most knowledgeable, and best trained, in Atlanta! Personally, I have been offered other lifeguarding, and managing, jobs and no other company has been able to beat the pay and quality offered at SPMC! There is no question that SPMC is the best!

Tyler Jones

Thanks for being the best company and the best boss anyone could ever have!

Natalie Mau
Head Lifeguard at James Creek

I cannot thank you enough for trusting me to represent Sears Pool as the Head Lifeguard at James Creek. I hope I was able to serve SPMC well! This is a great company to be a part of. You all are incredible at what you do!

Gabrielle Gusmerotti

Thank you for a great summer! I appreciated your help and flexibility with my scheduling. I'm looking forward to next year!

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Bill K

Thanks so much for a great summer experience! I’m looking forward to another great summer with Sears next year. I also wanted to thank you guys for the chance to earn a bonus this summer and all the other opportunities y’all make available to us. You guys are great!

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Sarah W
Head Lifeguard - Chastain Lakes

I enjoyed working for Sears Pools last summer! The pool management was super friendly, the residents were very kind, and I was able to get in a bunch of hours over the season which was great! I can’t wait to lifeguard for Sears Pools again this summer!

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Kenneth Floyd
Lifeguard from 2005 to 2013

Working for Sears Pool Management Consultants was more than just my first job, it was the beginning of my road to personal discovery and success. Lifeguarding sustained and challenged me through my high school and college years providing not just income, but an environment where I could learn real world problem solving skills which I have implemented countless times in my professional career as a teacher. I cannot understate the value of my time as an SPMC lifeguard. It was where I first became a leader, discovered my passion for service, and a respect for the responsibilities and duties of adulthood. I owe much of my personal development to lifeguarding and therefore encourage others to become a lifeguard.

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