1. How do I get a quote from SPMC?
Easy! Just call or email us. We are always willing to meet you at your pool and draw up a detailed quote for your review for no charge, with no strings attached. We provide management, maintenance, renovation, construction, and ANY commercial pool-related service or product you can imagine. Call us at 770-993-7492 or email us at info@searspool.com

2. Why should I choose SPMC?
We are a full service pool company with a personal touch. Our comfortable size gives us the depth to offer a full range of pool-related services, with emphasis on efficiency and customer satisfaction. We represent and install every leading pool manufacturer’s equipment. We have NSPF trained technicians on staff with years of experience. We ARE your pool experts!

SPMC is locally owned and operated. We are friendly, accessible and dedicated to the concept of quality workmanship in everything we do. We strive to innovate, and our customers benefit from our forward thinking approach. We take responsibility and offer assistance on any pool-related issue. “That’s not our problem” is NOT in our vocabulary.

3. How does SPMC train their lifeguards?
We certify our guards through the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training program. Our training includes Preventing Disease Transmission and meets OSHA requirements. In addition, we provide on-site training to all of our guards to ensure they are familiar with the operation of your pool equipment. Furthermore, each pool is equipped with a reference manual and emergency contact numbers to our management staff.

4. What happens in an after hours emergency?
SPMC has a 24-hour emergency pager service through our office voice mail. If an emergency occurs after normal office hours, call the office at 770-993-7492 and leave your message in our emergency voice mail. The manager on call will return your call within 15-20 minutes.

5. How can I protect my family and my neighborhood from liability associated with our pool?
The first step is making sure your pool is secure. Your fence must be impenetrable and meet your county code. Consider taking a lifeguard training, CPR, or First Aid course through the American Red Cross. We offer these courses every Spring. In the off-season, cover your pool with a Loop-Loc safety cover to prevent accidental drowning. Check your cover regularly for damage from debris or vandalism.

Check with your insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage. SPMC is backed by a $3,000,000.00 liability policy. We have one of the best coverage to exposure ratios in Atlanta. In other words, we have more coverage per pool than our competitors.