5 Best Practices for Spring Pool Opening

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Spring pool opening is an exciting time for the whole community. The weather is warming up, school is winding down, and families are looking forward to spending time at the community swimming pool. A lot has to happen in order for your pool to open successfully. While your pool service provider should handle most of the work, there are some simple tasks you need to handle.

Follow these 5 best practices to help ensure your Spring pool opening is as stress free as possible!

1. Confirm Who Is Filing Your Pool Operating Permit With The County

Perhaps the most common oversight is to forget to file your permit paperwork or assume someone else is handling it.

Not every county requires an annual pool operating permit. However, most counties around Atlanta and other metro areas in Georgia do. The permit paperwork process can be confusing if you’re handling it for the first time, and the process varies depending upon the county.

Talk with your pool service company and property manager to confirm who is receiving the paperwork from the county and who will file the paperwork and fee. Some pool companies will file on your behalf, while others will not.

2. Confirm Your Spring Pool Opening Date

Confirm the Spring pool opening date with your pool service company and board members before announcing it to the community. This may seem a given, since this date should be in your pool service contract. However, it’s possible the pool company found a problem when they went to start Spring pool opening preparations, or that a board member is researching potential facility upgrades or program changes that might necessitate a change in the Spring pool opening date.

3. Coordinate Any Projects With Your Pool Company

Coordinate any projects in or around the pool area with your pool service company. Be aware that county inspections include areas such as the pool restrooms, fence, gate, and telephone, in addition to the pool equipment and pool area itself.

If anything is not in safe operating order per code, you may be denied your operating permit. Even routine cleaning and maintenance tasks, such as pressure washing and painting, should be coordinated with your pool service company, as these projects cause dirt, debris, and overspray to wind up in the pool, making it dirty and altering the pool chemistry.

Even projects you wouldn’t think would be related to the pool can cause a problem. Tree removal adjacent to the pool may result in branches and tree debris in the pool area; clubhouses receiving a new roof may result in nails and shingle debris falling into the pool area, causing a pool to fail inspection.

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4. Make sure all utilities and services are turned on

A landline phone must be working in order for the pool to pass inspection. The phone company usually needs a few weeks advance notice to ensure it gets turned on. Don’t forget to reactivate or increase your trash service pick-up schedule, if needed.

5. Help Recruit Staff For Your Pool Company

If your pool is staffed with lifeguards or attendants, help your pool company recruit Summer staff. This can be done with minimal effort. Staffing has been extremely challenging for the pool industry, and many others for that matter. However, your contacts are local and in the community.

You may know good candidates for these positions, which will help you and your pool company. Mention in your community newsletter what positions the pool company is hiring for and how to apply. Share their social media posts on your community social media.

If you follow these five best practices, you’ll give your community and pool company the best chance of an on time Spring pool opening without a problem. Thanks in advance for your help!

Happy swimming!

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