Greater Atlanta Water Safety Alliance

Craig Sears, the founder of Sears Pool Management Consultants, established in 2012 the Greater Atlanta Water Safety Alliance (GAWSA). The mission of this group is to provide water safety resources and training to the greater Atlanta community. GAWSA offers virtual or in-person customized presentations for lifeguards, community pools, parent groups, and student organizations on topics of drowning prevention and water safety education with an emphasis on water safety for kids.

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To learn more and schedule a complimentary safety presentation, visit the GAWSA Facebook page or

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson

The World's Largest Swim Lesson | Water Safety Education | Water Safety For Kids | Swim Lessons Atlanta | Sears Pool Management

SPMC participates in The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of swimming lessons as a key part of water safety education. Join us in our commitment to preventing drowning for all children everywhere.

Sears Pool Swim School

Swimming skills are an essential part of water safety for kids as well as adults of all ages.

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