Lifeguard Resources
for our Everyday Heroes

For current members of our SPMC staff, this page serves as a place for resources and updates. If you have questions about your lifeguard uniform, our pay schedule, or need to fill out a report form, these lifeguard resources are for you! Review the information below, and if you have any further questions, please reach out to a member of the Staffing Management Team.

Availability, Shifts, Time Clock, and Communications

SPMC uses DigiQuatics for scheduling, time keeping, reports and communications. Digi can be accessed via any web browser on a desktop or mobile device, but all SPMC employees must download Digi to their mobile phones. SPMC Staffing Team will send you a welcome message from DigiQuatics to get you started with the app after you have been hired.

After downloading the app, you will use it to submit monthly availability (due by the 15th day of the month prior), check assigned shifts and any open shifts you would like to pick up, clock in and out of work, and receive staff-wide communications about orientations, in-service trainings, open shifts, etc.

Once you are assigned to a scheduled shift, you are responsible for the shift. If you are not able to work your assigned shift, it is your responsibility to find a sub. Failure to show up for a shift or find a sub may result in a write-up or termination. Pool schedules are continually updated, so you should check Digi on a regular basis.

Follow these steps to access the app and learn how to navigate Digi:

  1. Add the DigiQuatics app to your mobile phone:
    1. How to add the DigiQuatics App Icon to your Home Screen
  2. Watch a short video on how to navigate DigiQuatics:
    1. Getting Started with DigiQuatics
  3. Complete your Employee Profile
    1. Add a copy of your current LGT certification (if you have one):
      1. Can be found on the American Red Cross website
    2. Fill out the remaining fields in your profile

Need to file a report? Our Incident, Contamination, Inclement Weather and Attendance reports are all available through DigiQuatics.

Compensation Timetable

Your paycheck is issued on a bi-weekly basis on Fridays. The pay period is for the two weeks prior to payday. As an example, for a pay day of June 16, that payment will cover all hours worked for the period May 27 through June 10. If you did not sign up for Direct Deposit, you must come to the office to pick up your check. It is highly recommended that you register for Direct Deposit so that you receive your pay as soon as possible. You can view your paystubs at Paychex online by clicking the button below. View instructions on how to create your Paychex account here.

Lifeguard Uniform

Your lifeguard uniform consists of the following:

  • SPMC Lifeguard T-shirt (only available at the SPMC office)
  • Navy Blue Guard Suit (guys wear trunks and girls can wear one or two-piece suits)
  • Whistle
  • Hip Pack
  • CPR Pocket Mask

You will purchase your SPMC Lifeguard t-shirt from us. T-shirts are available in short sleeve and long sleeve. Tank tops and hoodies are also available in addition to your SPMC T-shirts.

We partner with Original Waterman for our guard uniforms and accessories.

You may choose to purchase your guard uniform and gear from a different vendor, but you MUST wear a navy blue guard suit. No other color options are acceptable for your suit.
Please follow the below instructions if you wish to purchase your guard suit and other accessories other than your SPMC shirt from Original Watermen:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click “create an account” and input your personal information and password.
  3. For Lifeguard Organization enter:  SEARS2023
  4. Click Submit

To shop the Sears Pool Management Catalog, click on the Sears Pool Management company name right above “My Account” to get access the site.

DO NOT WAIT to place your order as it takes approximately 7-10 days to receive your uniform.

IMPORTANT:  If you are a returning guard, you will need to update your Original Waterman account with the Lifeguard Organization code SEARS2023. To update the code, log in to your account and select “Account Information.” Update your Lifeguard Organization code on the page and save the changes.

Lifeguard Meetings

We hold regular staff meetings for all of our staff.

Participation in annual orientation and in-service training is required. Please contact the office if you are not receiving proper notifications of these meetings.

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